Sunday, May 24, 2009

I'll bring the cake...

Warning! Super long post!!

This last week has really kicked my butt! I have spent the last few weeks working on flowers and decorations for my step-brother Phil's wedding cake. In the midst of all that I started out this week by making a 1st birthday cake for the daughter of some of Justin's high school friends. I didn't have time to get a very good picture of it, so this is a picture I stole off their blog:

Last weekend was also our Stake's Father and Sons Campout, so Justin took the boys to that on Friday night. Madison helped me finish up the cake and then I took her to Applebees for dinner - she loves Applebees! The next morning I made crepes for her (she ate more than I did) and then we went shopping! We used the gift card she won from the book contest. She had the hardest time deciding what books to spend it on, but finally settled on a couple more books in the fairy series she is reading and also a book from a new princess series. We also got her some new shorts and some ribbon to decorate her new shirts and made what was supposed to be a quick stop at Costco. We were quickly reminded why I never go to Costco on Saturday - UGH! We spent the rest of Saturday (and part of Sunday) doing laundry and trying to finish up stuff for the wedding cake.

Monday morning I got Madison off to school and then Jordan, Joshua and I headed up to Utah. Everyone was so worried about me driving up to Utah by myself with the boys. My mom even offered to fly someone down to drive back up with me. All in all, the trip went really well, aside from the road construction traffic in South Salt Lake and the throwing up just 30 minutes from my mom's house (why, oh why did I give Josh a banana when I couldn't watch to make sure he didn't shove the entire thing in his mouth all at once...).

I spent all of Tuesday and Wednesday and half of Thursday standing in my mom's gorgeous kitchen baking and decorating the wedding cake and cutting up fruit for the luncheon. Luckily, my mom's neighbor has a little boy that is Jordan's age. They played together all day on Tuesday and Wednesday, so Jordan was completely entertained while I decorated! I had a few minor catastrophe's with the cake, but luckily was able to fix all of them.

Thursday afternoon I loaded up the boys and the cake and drove (cringing every time a hit a bump in the road) all they way down to Draper for the luncheon and reception. The reception was held in a beautifully decorated greenhouse. I got the cake done just as the reception was starting. It had a few minor flaws (most of which I'm sure no one but me noticed), but overall I was happy with the way it turned out. Plus Phil and his new wife Chelsea seemed to love it!

The bottom tier was white chocolate cake with strawberry mousse filling and white chocolate almond buttercream. The middle tier was dark chocolate cake with dulce de leche filling and marshmallow buttercream. The top tier was cardamom spice cake with peach filling and cream cheese icing. All three tiers were covered in white chocolate fondant with handmade gumpaste orchids and kumquats.

Jordan and Josh enjoying the delicious ice cream at the reception.

Jordan playing with my brother Daniel, his adorable girlfriend Amy, and my brother Michael.

Phil and Chelsea cutting the cake.

Friday we spent washing dishes and tableclothes, putting away all the decorations from the luncheon, and cleaning my mom's kitchen (which I'm sure has never been that messy before - thanks for letting me use your kitchen all week Mom!). I also made my little sis, Maren, a cake for her 12th birthday! (Forgot to get a pic of it - oops)

Saturday, the boys and I drove all the way home... completely exhausted! My feet and legs still ache from being on them for so many days straight. I am really glad I don't have much going on this next week because I think it is going to take me a few more days to completely recover.

While we were gone, Justin and Madison rode bikes, went to the park, played Barbies (what a good dad!), watched movies, cleaned the house and went to the water park. Madison really missed Jordan and was so excited to have him come home.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Our Award-Winning Author

I am so proud of Madison! Her school had a book writing contest and she entered. They announced the winners this morning and she won!! She got an award certificate and a $20 gift certificate to Barnes and Noble. It was so fun to watch her face as they read her book to a multipurpose room full of people. She was beaming! Here is her book (sorry - the scans don't do her pictures justice):

A Bird by Madison Hansen

Once upon a time there was a bird.

One day it flew to it's friends house. (The bird on the bottom is saying "Come on!")

The bird had so much fun at his friends house. (The bird at the bottom is saying, "It's so much fun!")

That night he had a sleep over at his friends house. The end!