Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring Break Fun

We spent the entire week of Spring Break up in Utah. Here are some of the highlights:

Visiting Grandpa and Grandma Banks:
It was great to see them. We also visited my Grandpa and Grandma Pippin and my Grandma Holladay (our kids have 5 living great-grandparents!), but unfortunately forgot to get pictures with them. Grandma Holladay was at my Aunt Joyce's house, so we got to see the whole Glen family too - so much fun to catch up!

Hogle Zoo:We had lots of fun at the zoo with Arianne, Dustin and Boston. Our favorite animals were the baby elephant, the giraffes and the huge gorilla that came right up to the glass!

Playing in the Snow at Mamah and Popi's:
Rather than stay in Sunny Southern Nevada, we decided to spend our spring break in the cold and snow. The kids, except Josh, loved playing in the snow (although it did take lots of convincing to get them out there). Even Mamah got in on the snowball action! Josh was extremely upset about getting snow on his boots and then had a complete meltdown when he fell off the sled face first into the snow.

Coloring Eggs... Easter Egg Hunts... A Visit From the Easter Bunny...
One Big Sugar High

When we got home we discovered one of our (dead) cypress trees had blown over in a wind storm while we were gone. Luckily nothing was damaged by it.
Jordan had a lot of fun helping Justin clean the mess up. We have a couple more cypress trees that are dead and are definitely going to be taking them out soon so they don't get blown over too.Also this month: Michael's 1st Food - oatmeal cereal. Yummy!