Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Memorial Day at Granny and Papa's

We went to St. George over Memorial Day weekend to attend Justin's parents' sealing in the St. George Temple. They were sealed by Justin's Grandpa Banks, who also sealed us. It was such a neat experience! Congrats Larry and Renea!! We spent the rest of the weekend in Panaca with all of Justin's siblings and their spouses and all the nieces and nephews. On the way up to Panaca we stopped at the volcano just outside of St. George. Everyone except Renea, Emily and I (and the 4 kids under 3) climbed all the way to the top. We also celebrated Christopher's 15th birthday while we were there with a skateboard cake. The kids had a blast hanging out with their cousins and sleeping in a tent in Granny and Papa's backyard.

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Madison's End of Year Dance Review

She did a fabulous job!!

Preschool Graduation

Jordan graduated from preschool on May 14th. Granny and Papa were able to come down and attend, which made it extra special. We have some awesome video of him picking his nose during the program - good blackmail when he's a teenager, right? He is really excited to be going to kindergarten next year!

Wow! I have tons to catch up on since I last posted! Here's what you missed:
  • I was released from the cub scouts and have a new calling as the 1st counselor in the Primary. I work with some amazing women and it is tons of fun!
  • I started an Etsy shop. It doesn't have a lot in it yet, but I'm working on getting more things made and listed. Check it out at
  • Justin has been playing stake basketball and loving it!
  • Justin is looking for a new job (if you know of anything let us know!)
  • Jordan graduated from preschool (pics to follow)
  • Madison had her end of year dance review (pics to follow)
  • Madison finished up 2nd grade and received lots of awards (straight A's, perfect attendance, etc). She is looking forward to 3rd grade.
  • We are trying to potty train Josh, only somewhat successfully
  • I spoke in church. Justin was supposed to speak too, but I guess I got a little long-winded (I know, hard to believe, but true) and left him no time to speak.
  • We took a trip to Panaca (pics to follow in another post)
  • Michael is now 7 months! Where has the time gone? He is sitting up, scooting everywhere and will soon be crawling. He is also working (still) on cutting 4 teeth, which is so much fun!
  • I am still teaching piano lessons and will (most likely) be getting 3-4 new students this next week.
  • Justin, with the help of his dad, finally finished patching and texturing the hole in the bathroom wall where we removed the medicine cabinet. Now it is all painted and looks great!
  • We (well, mostly Justin and his dad) cut out a wall so we have access to the dead space under our stairs. We will eventually put a door on it and use it as a food storage closet.
... and that's our lives in a nutshell!