Friday, February 11, 2011

January in Review

January was a busy month.  I started back to school, taking six credits so I can renew my teaching license.  I am taking a Children's Literature class and a Reading Assessment and Intervention class.  It is fun, but definitely crazy trying to find enough quiet time to do schoolwork while taking care of 4 kids! 

Jordan turned 6 in January.  
 He invited his friend Aubryn over to play and decorate cupcakes.  

 Then we had a build-your-own cupcake bar for the family party on Sunday.  He picked out all the flavors for the cupcakes, fillings, frosting and toppings.  Everyone had a lot of fun mixing and matching the flavors to create their own cupcakes.  

Happy Birthday Jordan!

We also got confirmation that Josh is severely allergic to peanuts, as well as trees, grasses, pollen, dust mites, cats, dogs, molds...the list goes on and on.  He now has a couple of epi-pens just in case he eats anything with peanuts in it.  He goes back to the allergist in about 6 weeks to deal with his seasonal allergies.