Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Month in Review & BIG Changes

So, once again it's been a while since I have posted.  Lots has happened in the past month.  The biggest news is that Justin found a new job!  Yeah!  We are so excited (mostly)!  However, the job is in Salt Lake City, which means we will be moving to Utah in 2 1/2 weeks.  We will be living with my mom in Pleasant View for at least a few months while we get back on our feet.  We have mixed feelings about the move.  We are sad that we have to leave our friends here in Henderson, our amazing ward and our new home that we love.  But, we are excited for a promising new job, being closer (much, much closer...) to my family, and the opportunity for me to sell cakes.  Justin left on Sunday, started his job yesterday and will be back in 2 weeks to move us.  So here I am again, sorting through stuff and packing boxes and being a single mom of 4 for a few weeks (Luckily, Renea and Larry will be taking Josh and Jordan up to Panaca on Friday for a week or so, so that I can get more stuff done.  Thank you so much Renea!!).  And to top it all off, I agreed to make a 4-tier wedding cake next weekend.  Life is definitely crazy here!

Madison's 8th birthday is today.  Happy Birthday Mad!!  We went to the Shark Reef with Stacie and her kids to celebrate and then came home for pizza, cake (to see more pictures of her cake go here) and ice cream and presents.  The kids had a ton of fun!  It's hard to believe she is 8 years old already - it's amazing how fast kids grow up!  She is so excited to be baptized in a month.  She told me today now that she is 8 she is much more responsible and grown up.  She cracks me up!  She also wrote herself a birthday poem:  

My Birthday
by Madison Hansen

Today is my b-day,
I love my b-day.
Mom made a tinkerbell cake
but the tinkerbell on top is fake.
We bought ice cream.
It will make me scream!
Happy B-day!

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My 30th birthday was on Sunday.  Justin has been teasing me a lot lately that I am going to be old now.  But honestly it doesn't bother me (I'm pretty sure it bothers my mom though - love ya mom!).

We (the kids and I) spent most of July up visiting my mom and keeping an eye on Chris and Maren while my mom was at school everyday and Popi was at work.  We had a lot of fun going to the trout farm, going to parades, watching fireworks, going swimming, playing the wii, going to the movies and hanging out with the family.  The last week we were there we went up to Lava Hot Springs for a big family reunion.  Justin flew up to interview for a few jobs and then came with us.  We had a blast staying at the old schoolhouse inn, going swimming, tubing the river, roasting marshmallows, playing games and hanging out.  Thanks Mike and Mom for a fabulous trip!!

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While we were at Lava we celebrated Josh's 3rd birthday with a pinata (Thanks Arianne!), cake (with chocolate chips, a helicopter and a rainbow per the birthday boys request), ice cream and lots of presents.

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I am working on creating a new blog for my cakes: Let me know what you think!

Michael is getting so big.  He will be 9 months old this weekend.  He is crawling everywhere, including up the stairs, pulling up and walking along everything, babbling constantly and eating everything in sight.  He thinks everything around him is hilarious and that sleeping through the night is optional.  He also doesn't have any teeth yet, although that doesn't stop him from eating!  This is a picture from the stake 24th of July activity - he LOVES watermelon!