Saturday, September 11, 2010

Well, we are finally moved and settled.  It has been a crazy, busy month! 

In the middle of packing up I made a wedding cake:
 It was lots of fun to make, even though the timing made it somewhat stressful.

A week after the wedding cake we moved!  It was crazy trying to decide what to take, what to store and what to get rid of.  It is amazing how much stuff we had accumulated, even though we had moved less than a year ago.  We ended up getting rid of a lot more stuff than we had originally intended because the truck we rented wasn't big enough.  Thank goodness the guys from our ward who helped us pack the truck were great at Tetris!  Jordan and Josh took turns riding in the truck with Justin - they thought it was a great adventure! 

The week after we moved was Boston's birthday.  Happy birthday Boston!!  He loves construction vehicles and had a construction themed party.  I got to make his cake!  It was so much fun being close enough to make his cake and attend his party.  We are looking forward to being able to attend all the family events this year!

Madison and Jordan are loving school!  They think it is great fun to attend the school where Mamah works.

Mikey got his first real haircut recently.  He didn't even look like the same kid when I was finished!


Madison got baptized last Saturday.  We are so proud of her decision to be baptized!  She looked so pretty in the gorgeous white dress from Mamah and Popi!  Almost all of my family was here, along with her Granny and Papa and Justin's sister, Michelle, who came all the way from the Denver area.  Granny and Papa gave her scriptures.  Madison kept saying, "Scriptures are so precious.  They are the best gift I've ever gotten."