Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow Day!!

Yesterday it snowed in Henderson! And not just a little bit - we ended up with 5 inches at our house!!! It took Justin 3 hours to get home (it normally takes him about 30 minutes). The kids loved watching the snow falling outside the front window. And they especially loved playing in it. I was planning on finishing my Christmas shopping last night, but decided only crazy people would try to go out in the storm.

Earlier in the day the kids (Madison didn't have school because of parent-teacher conferences) convinced me to take them to the park. They had a lot of fun even though it was SO COLD and we ended up coming home after about half an hour because it starting raining. The rain turned to snow about an hour later.

Joshua wasn't too sure about the snow. He was fascinated by it, but did not want to walk through it and didn't like it when it stuck to his gloves or coat.

Madison and Jordan had a snowball fight and then built this tiny little snowman. They named him Frosty.
The snow is the really wet and heavy kind and we went through every jacket, coat and pair of mittens we have for the kids (we aren't especially prepared for this kind of weather). They also soaked through their tennis shoes. Last night I had to throw everything in the dryer so they would have shoes and coats for today. School was cancelled all around the Las Vegas Valley. Madison was really excited to be able to stay home and play today.

Later Justin made this great big snowman. I love his bucket hat!

We still can't believe we got this much snow, but we sure have been enjoying this very rare sight in Henderson. Isn't it beautiful?


EmWJ said...

My brother Jake drove from Phoenix to Henderson yesterday afternoon/night. He left at 1, and got there at 9! He said it was so bad. But nicely they were safe.


Melissa said...

I think you guys have more snow than we do! It's "supposed" to snow all day today here though. I guess we'll see. :)