Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Jordan!

Tuesday was Jordan's 4th birthday. He had been eagerly anticipating it for weeks. He was so excited he couldn't even wait until after breakfast to open his presents. He also got to move out of his toddler bed into a big kid bed.

Yesterday we had a party for him with some of his friends from Sunbeams and preschool. His favorite show right now is Sid the Science Kid on PBS (he loves it so much Santa brought him a magnifying glass so he could be just like Sid). So we had a science party - we used magnifying glasses to observe things, played What's That Smell, went on a texture hunt, made applesauce (and then ate it!), and estimated the number of plastic bugs in an estimation jar.

When I asked him last week what kind of cake he wanted he told me strawberry - strawberry cake, strawberry filling and strawberry frosting. Then I asked him what color he wanted his frosting to be. He looked at me funny and then said, "Mom, strawberrys are pink." Of course - what was I thinking? So that's what he got (under the pretty blue fondant of course).

On a side note: The other night (about 3:30 AM) Jordan wakes up and comes into our room. He tells Justin, "Dad I peed my jammies a little bit, but not my bed." Justin asks him how he managed to not pee his bed. Jordan immediately says, "Magic." He totally cracks me up sometimes!


~Dana said...

I love the cake, Beth! Keep posting your work! I love to admire it!

Granny said...

Beth I love the blogspot. Thanks
I look forward to each new posting.
Jordon always has some fun thing
to say. Your cakes are always the best

Dustin and Arianne said...

Happy Birthday Jord-o, we love ya!!!!