Friday, February 27, 2009

Surgery Update

We are back home after Joshua's surgery. Everything went great with no complications! Joshua wasn't too happy before surgery - he had a fit when they wanted to put the little clip on his finger to check his oxygen level (of course a few minutes later he was wanting to play with it), he was extremely annoyed by the ID band they put around his ankle, and he was really not happy when I had to hand him off to the doctors. But even with all that, he still charmed all the nurses. They kept saying they might have to steal him and take him home because he is so cute. We are glad to have this over with and are really hoping it makes a big difference. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers!


Rose said...

When my John had to have double hernia operation as a baby, the hardest thing for me to do was to hand him over to the nurses and watch them take him away.

If he has any more infections, that colloidal silver really knocked out the infection for my boys.

I'm glad the operation went ok and he is back with you, safe and sound.

Love you guys!

Melissa said...

i'm so glad everything went well.