Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter and Spring Break Excitement

Happy Easter! We were all sick for Easter this year (except for Justin), so we are a few days late with this post. Here are some pics of the kids coloring Easter eggs:

Hunting for eggs:
We spent Spring Break up in Utah this year. We had tons of fun hanging out with all my family (except we didn't get to see Daniel). We went and saw Monsters vs. Aliens, hung out with the family, played in the backyard. But the biggest thing we did was throw my Mom a surprise birthday party with all her family and neighbors. Anyone who knows my Mom knows she is impossible to surprise, but somehow we managed to do it! Arianne, Mike Vause and I worked hard planning it for weeks beforehand. A special thanks to them for all they did! Jordan almost gave the surprise away - he told my Mom, "It's your birthday and it's a surprise!" When she asked what the surprise was Madison told her, "We're not telling you." Luckily I overheard and intervened before she could pry the secret out of them. Jordan also told her that she was turning a big number, but that in four years she was turning a really, really big number! You gotta love kids! Happy Birthday Mom!! We love you!

My Mom had to work on Monday and Tuesday. She felt so bad that she wasn't there to entertain us, so she kept trying to give us things to do so she wouldn't be bored. Little did she know, I (with tons and tons of help from Justin) was spending those two days baking her birthday cake! I got started both mornings as soon as she left and then we would hurry and get it all cleaned up and hidden away just before she got home. She kept teasing us for being so pooped when all we'd done is spend the whole day hanging out doing nothing!

It turned out pretty well I think. And it was so delicious! - Dark chocolate cake, marshmallow and dulce de leche fillings, covered in chocolate ganache and chocolate fondant!


EmWJ said...

Holy wow Beth. That cake is amazing. What a fun surprise!

Melissa said...

great job on the cake again! you should open up a bakery! i love doing surprise birthday! they are fun!

Rose said...

Cool cake! Will you do my b-day cake when I turn a big number?

Janet said...

Thanks again for the most amazing birthday I can remember. Love you guys

Angie Tolman said...

WOW!! I am so impressed. I just read through everyone on the BRHS 1998 site and had to come back and tell you what a fabuous cake!! I can't get it out of my mind. You are so talented!! WOW!!! Did I mention WOW?!?! What a fun way to surprise you mom.

Stacie said...

Oh my goodness!!!! That cake looks amazing.... And I am sure it tasted amazing too! It is so cool to know talented people.