Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Justin's Birthday

This last weekend was Justin's birthday. We celebrated by having a few friends over for cake and ice cream. Justin also enjoyed watching a lot of college football. He tried to stump me by requesting a cake that looked like an apple pie. He seemed a little disappointed when it turned out to be the easiest cake I've made in quite a while. The top and bottom crust are made of sugar cookie dough. Inside is layered apple pie filling, buttermilk spice cake and whipped cream cheese filling.
I also made another cake (same flavors) and covered it in buttercream and sprinkles for the kids. We needed both cakes just to hold all 33 of his candles, which he blew out in one breath!
This last week Madison was also honored as a Super Citizen at school. They had a special ceremony, recieved a certificate and then were treated to donuts and juice. Of course, I forgot the camera... Good job, Mad!!


Mike and Janet said...

What a fun cake Beth. Justin quit getting so old it makes me look bad!
Way to go Madison; smart and cute just the way girls should be!

Rose said...

I bet people come to your parties just to see what the cakes look like! You have a real artistic gift! Good job!

Dustin and Arianne said...

Way to go Madison! That is awesome, congratulations!

Awesome cake! You are way to creative. Happy Birthday Justin, wish we could have been there!

threebuttonsandtwobows said...

You are my favorite cake maker! I am so glad to see your cute blog! Thanks for making Kylie's birthday so special for us!