Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pick the Name Game!!

K- it is countdown time (about 4 weeks) for our baby to be born and we are drawing a complete blank on names. We need your help!!! Please post your best baby boy names - both first and middle names - in the comments. If we pick the name you suggested I will send you a special treat. We do not want a name that starts with 'J' - we've got too many 'J's' already. For family: both Jordan and Joshua's middle names are family names and we would like to use a family name for this baby too - please give us ideas of good family names to use.

Thanks for all your help and may the best name win!!!


Melissa said...

mason, carter, luke, greg, trey, bridger, wesley, jonah, samuel, nathan, matthew, andrew, peter, philip

hopefully that helps. i think choosing the name is definitely the hardest thing to do.

Melissa said...

Liam, Reese, Shane, Isaac, Asher, Elijah, Elias, Cameron, Adrian, Aidan, Kurt, Kent, Brent, Tyson, Cody, Benjamin, Coy, Gideon, Mark, Nathaniel, Paul, Quinn, Wyatt, Kade, Cory, Bryant, Garen, Zachary

These were off the top of my head...I could think of more if you want... :)

Rose said...

John says Harley Hansen
Kyle says Duke
Jake says Luke Justin Hansen
Austin says Austin

Granny said...

Robert, Benjamin, Charles, Fredrick, Alexander,Edward, Samuel
Gerald, William, Henry, Geoffrey. Gregory, Thomas, Domar, Magus, Arnoldus

right from the pedigree

Mike and Janet said...

Here are all our suggestions:
Mike says: Trevor Michael
Janet says: Ryker, Madden,Benjamin
Megan says: Cadence
James says: Bridger, Allen, Max, or Gunner
Ryan V says: Lewis, Ethan or Gabe
Chris says: Steve or Brian
Maren says: Nick

Or any of our names as the family name. Grandma Pippins dads middle name was True that might be an interesting family name. And Ken our neighbor wants some treats so he suggested Caleb or Ken.

Dustin and Arianne said...

We vote pooky... :)

Rachelle said...


- With the middle name Ray...That's the only family name we could think of other than Justin. Justin doesn't go with anything...sorry man. -

Or...you could go more trendy and stick with "Pilot Inspektor."

Blog said...
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Justin H said...

Gomer, Ronald, Frances, Louis, Lloyd, Bartholomew, George, Richard, Edwin, Marcus, Anthony, Christian, Seamus

Amber Lee said...

I'll give you some suggestions, but first I need to know what your other boys' middle names are!

Beth Hansen said...

Madison says: Elmo, Leo, Daren, or Daniel

Jordan says: Telly, Caillou, Cason, or Dustin

Josh says: Cookie Monster or Hossua

Michelle B said...

Gene (sounds like J)

I noticed that the other two boys have J names. I thought I would stick with the same theme.

Jacque said...

I vote for cassius, Tenor, Trevan,Raine,Devin,Douglas, Darian,Or Dayton

Jacque said...

how about Seymoir or Sedrick,BillyBob is good too. Reno is a family name. You could also go with Bubba