Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Jordan lost his first tooth this morning!  He has been wiggling it for weeks and was so excited when it fell out while brushing his teeth.  Hopefully the tooth fairy will remember to come tonight - she has a history of forgetting to come to our house.

Madison sung at her 3rd grade talent show and then was chosen to sing at the school Spring Luau in front of all the students and their parents.  The video is of the 3rd grade talent show.  She was super, super nervous and it shows.  The video from the Luau accidentally got erased, but she wasn't as nervous and she did a fabulous job!  She loves singing and has worked so hard this year practicing and improving her voice.

Josh had his tonsils out a few weeks ago.  He was having problems with sleep apnea, snoring, gagging, talking clearly and sore throats.  It was no wonder - his tonsils were so big they were touching his uvula, even when he wasn't sick!  The surgery went great and he has healed quickly, but we did have a rough few days after the surgery.  He definitely wrung every last drop of sympathy he could out of it.  Even now, weeks later, he still will sometimes say, "I swallowed and my throat didn't hurt at all!"  He is now talking more clearly and his sleep apnea, snoring and gagging have disappeared.  Yay!!

Madison and Jordan are playing softball and t-ball and having a lot of fun!  Madison's team won their first game last week and she played fabulously!  Jordan's first game is next week.

Mikey is 18 months now and starting into the terrible twos.  He has started talking a lot more lately and his favorite words are 'NO', 'DON'T' and 'MINE'!

I finished up my classes a few weeks ago and received my new valid teaching license in the mail yesterday.  I have been applying for all the teaching jobs I can find. I have also been busy substitute teaching a few days a week.

Justin started working for Deals That Matter in April and is enjoying it.  It is a fairly new company and Justin is loving being a part of building and expanding it.  The only downside to his new job is that it is down in Sandy, so he has a long commute again.  We are planning on moving closer to his job sometime this summer.  It will be nice to cut his commute and have him around more. 


Anonymous said...

the video was really great. I feel like we are missing out on their growing up. We hope to see you this summer to catch up

Kellie said...

Madisen is adorable in that video! What a little star. Want to get together sometime this summer?