Friday, May 30, 2008

Madison's Dance Review

Madison's end-of-year dance review was last night. She was so cute!! Afterwards, Justin gave her a big, colorful bunch of tiny little roses. She was so excited to get them and had to show them off to all the other dancers. These videos were just taken on my digital camera, so the quality isn't fabulous, but it's better than nothing.

This is her jazz performance to 'The Best of Both Worlds.' Madison is the short one on the end. It's really too bad that this is a little washed out and you can't see her facial expressions - they were hilarious. They have been practicing this dance for most of the year -Madison would come home from dance every week singing this song - and it was fun to finally see them perform it.

This is her tap performance of 'School Days.' Again, she is the little one on the end... Please pardon the jumpy filming - I had a very wiggly Joshua on my lap.

She also had a ballet performance to 'Alice Blue Gown.' Unfortunately, between a wiggly Josh on my lap and Jordan getting stuck in the chair next to me and needing help, the video is mostly of the floor, ceiling and other people's heads. Justin also recorded it on our video camera, but I don't have the software (or the know-how) to transfer them to my computer. So, I'll have to wait to post this performance until he remembers to bring his laptop home from the office.