Tuesday, July 1, 2008


We went camping at Eagle Valley this last weekend and then spent a couple of days with Justin's parents in Panaca. It's been a while since we have been up to see them, so it was nice to spend a few days up there. The kids found Justin and Andrew's old scooters and skateboards and had a blast trying to figure out how to ride them.

Joshua's first camping trip! He was completely covered in dirt only 5 minutes after we got there.

Madison's fish! She reeled her fish in all by herself and then couldn't wait to eat it for dinner that night.

Jordan relaxing after a long day of fishing and running around. He has had his glasses for a month now and is finally getting used to wearing them. Isn't he cute?

Swimming at the Spring with Granny. Josh loves water and couldn't wait to get in. Madison and Jordan took a some convincing - they were a little afraid of the tadpoles and tiny fish.

Josh fell off of Jordan's lap while we were camping and landed right on his nose in the dirt. He ended up with a mouth and nose full of dirt and he skinned his forehead and nose up pretty good. Now I can't beep his nose (which he thinks is hilarious!) for a few days...

We've got a climber! Nothing is safe now!

As many of you know, Josh has had persistant ear infections since December. We finally got in to see the Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist a couple weeks ago. He still has fluid in his ears, but hasn't had an infection in about 2 months, so we are going to hold off on ear tubes for now. Josh loves being in the water and ear tubes would have meant no swimming and no playing in the bathtub for at least a month, so we are glad he doesn't have to get them right now. If he gets another ear infection (there's a good chance of that once it gets cold again) we will go ahead and schedule the surgery. Cross your fingers that his ears will stay clear!


Rose said...

Yeah! Finally an update! Keep it up Bethy!

Dustin & Arianne said...

umm...we just wanted to remind you that in Vegas it doesn't get cold...j/k. Dang cute pictures, looks like you guys had a blast!

Miss Heather said...

I am freaking out right now! It's me, Heather (Nelson) Crandall. I am so HAPPY I found your blog!!! I have been trying to "find" you for a really long time. Apparently your family moved (did your parents divorce??) and I couldn't find anyone who knew where you were. I spent two weeks last Christmas calling everyone with the last name Hansen and Holladay because your Christmas card got returned to me. HOW ARE YOU? I have a blog.... www.thecrazycrandalls.blogspot.com, if you want to check it out. I LOVE YOU AND I MISS YOU TONS!!

The Vernon Mackeys said...

Jordan's glasses are the cutest things ever. He looks so good in them too...he's gonna be quite the looker!!