Monday, July 21, 2008

Josh turns 1!

It's official! Joshua is not a baby anymore! He is now a walking, talking, one-year-old! Saturday was his first birthday. I can hardly believe he is one already - the past year has just flown by! Granny and Papa (Justin's parents), Aunt Jacque and our friends, Sam, Stacie, John, Allie and Ginny Miner all came to help us celebrate his birthday.

Josh also starting walking this last week! It is so cute seeing him toddling around, chasing after Madison and Jordan. He is still a litte unsteady on his feet, but he is getting faster and steadier everyday and it won't be long before he can actually keep up with them.

Joshua's birthday cake! The bottom layer was a white velvet cake with strawberry filling and the middle layer and cupcake were dark chocolate cake with a dulce de leche filling - all covered in marshmallow creme buttercream. Yummy!

He wasn't quite sure what to think of the cake at first...

but he definitely decided he loved it after we gave him the whole cupcake to eat!

Opening presents. For some reason he really liked this card and kept picking it up to 'read' it.

Jordan clowning around with Aunt Jacque!


Amy - said...

Wow! Your kids are getting SOO big! :) Did you make the cake yourself?! It looks AMAZING!

The Vernon Mackeys said...

I was seriously thinking that I needed to call and see if you had a blog. I love being able to check up and see what's going on. Vern was just saying last night that we miss Vegas and the people there. But we're glad you are doing well (and the b-day cake looks AWESOME...of course!!). Can't wait to see what other adventures you guys will be up to!!

Dustin and Arianne said...

oh my gosh that cake is the cutest thing i have ever seen!! I am going to call you Betty Crocker from now on. The boys are getting so big, i can't wait to see you guys in a couple weeks!!!

Dustin said...

Well, Justin and Beth!!! It has been too long. How are you guys doing? This is Dusty since you probably don't have much contact with me I thought I would let you know. It looks like you have some good-looking kids. Have a good one, Hope to see you all soon!